(n.) a person who has been or feels displaced, uprooted or displaced from one’s geographical or social environment

I tend to sleep in two parts:

Part I.  You finish the book before we see the movie.  In the car, you turn pages.  I wait for you to finish.  The movie starts soon, and we will miss the previews because you want to know how it ends before it ends.  You say the book is better, on the walk back to the car, and it is here that I begin to fester resentment.  And yes, you took me to the movies, but no, I did not have a good time.

Part II.  It snowed during class and I drove even though I could have taken the bus.  I liked the autonomy of driving myself.  In the parking lot, I listen to a message that makes me sob, burst out into a fit of crying, a tantrum, an explosion, and you don't answer when I try to call you back.  You won’t be here next week, and it’s not because of the snow.   I sit in the car for a long time until someone wants my spot.  The sky is black by the time I get home.