Complementary Events

There is a new drink at Starbucks that involves cinnamon and almond milk.  People are loving it, so I’ve heard.  That’s the buzz over at the Starbucks in Studio City.  I saw a girl on the street I don’t like; we went to high school together but she doesn’t know who I am.  She wouldn’t have waved if I waved anyway.  I'm wearing a dress and now I understand why girls wear them.  The ease of a dress, something about it.  I keep typing things that people are texting me.  There must be a word for that?  You must feel what to do.  There is a difference between how we feel and what we know.  To be connected to that force is daily work.  A man in line reminds me from a guy who used to live in my building.  He always wanted to say hello when I did not.  I was not within my power to make it disappear.  I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to, though.  “You are beautiful, and you are family now,” he says, toasting sake on a Monday night at our favorite place.  “It’s just the best,” he says.  “You can’t find anything better.”