Overheard Conversations #123-124

“When you haven’t slept at all and you really want food and you feel like you’re going insane and you’re about to quit your job to watch Netflix full-time and your friend keeps sending you SnapChats from the boat that you’re not on.”

“It's not a vibe, it's just what you do.  Let me tell you something, I know tons of producers, execs, agents.  But it wasn't always like that.  You need to learn how to follow directions.  If someone tells you to do something, you do it the way they tell you to.  Coffee, for example.  A producer wants coffee, so you get a coffee.  Good.  Love it.  I love coffee.  Don’t go, ‘Hmm.’  Your intention is to help them and follow directions.  Follow their directions.  Go get coffee.  If you need more directions, like ‘What kind?’ or ‘Do you need sweetener?’ You can ask questions, ask them all, then go get it.  The bigger question is can you be unmanageable?  Can you be a producer?”