“People continue; they will be okay”

There is a feeling allotted to those who have not seen trouble.  It is called peace.  I was at the library for a group project.  I got a hot chocolate because I was early.  I asked for extra marshmallows.  They were melting perfectly in my cup when my group came and we began our assignment.  The hours went by quickly and it was getting late.  I didn't realize it was dark until I walked outside to wait for the bus.  I decided to walk because it was so nice.  I threw away my cup and walked up the hill.  I remember standing there and deciding whether to wait or walk.  There was freedom in that.  There was peace in that.  I was ready for dinner and to see my friends back at the dorm.  I was open, open to things that could happen.  And then she called and told me.