I tried to ask her about her baby.  She was born the day after my birthday.  I sat on the edge of the bed and saw my suitcase on the floor, still unpacked.  I thought of her in the hospital on her cell phone, the way her husband might come in and she’d have to go.  “I'm not supposed to be on the phone,” she’d say, quietly, when she was the one who had called to check in on me.  I had been waiting to hear from her, wanting to know if she was okay, if the delivery was all right.  She wore her favorite sneakers when her water broke.  She sent me a selfie before they took her upstairs.  People will disappoint you, but they will also surprise you.  There is no certainty for which you can expect, so you just have to hope against hope sometimes.  “It’s a very hard thing,” she said, “But you’ll be okay.”