Virtue Signaling

I'm sorry for making you wash the spoon so I could have Cheerios on the way to class.  I'm sorry for going to K’s house and your friend saw us kiss in the driveway and I called you seventeen times from Panera and my soup got cold and I showed up at your house and you pushed me out the door and I understood why but you felt bad so you let me in and told me to go.  I'm sorry for turning away when you tried again in your new apartment and I said I wasn’t ready even though you had cantaloupe for me in the refrigerator.  I'm sorry for the way you listened so good.  I'm sorry the cab was so expensive.  I'm sorry you kept trying and trying and I never told you to stop.  I'm sorry that when we saw Drive, I thought about him all night and when you yelled at me at the Italian place I sat there and took it because I felt like I was no good and I knew we would never be because you held onto things from the past that I had let go of and moved on from and you didn't and I wanted him to call me and he didn't and that made it worse and you told me to eat my dinner so I did but I was empty and had nothing for you then.  I'm sorry about the pan I forgot to clean when we got high and had people over when your parents were away and you took mushrooms and couldn’t sleep so you sat outside until it was light and I drove home and knew there was an ending coming and that pan, I'm sorry it drove your mother crazy all those years.