I think she was more disappointed than I was about not getting the job.  She sounded so sad, like it was her career on the line, her hopes and dreams slipping away because she didn't have the money she needed.  Everything is about that.

I remember counting the register in the morning, before we opened, still drinking my first cup of coffee, the one I drank before me and the other manager went to Starbucks in the mall to get caramel macchiatos, and I got the email, standing there, pouring quarters into their designated space, and he said he didn't want to take on the book, along with some other very nice things about my writing, but the gist was that it wasn’t going to happen, and I had hoped so hard at that moment that it would, I had been hoping so badly up until then, and then, all that hope was gone.

Apple cider vinegar, apple cider beer.  Towels drying, clothes hanging out to dry.  I thought I saw you on the street, and you thought you saw me, but we’re in different cities now, forever, together.