Fait Accompli

Another dream where things aren’t going well and all I can do is wait it out- an imaginary party and we’re all there, a bowl of peanuts, spicy, blackened, bad.

I used to wear contact lenses.  It was a pain getting them in and out.  In a dream, one has been stuck for eight years behind my eye and the doctor removes it with ease and laughs, as if he was amused by my obliviousness.  I cried when I saw the lens, plastic and blue, that had been floating around back there for some time.  It had been there through three heartbreaks and four houses.  It had felt tears I didn't know were coming.  It watched me promise not to go back, that one lens that lasted so long.  And now, awake, I wonder what the metaphor is, for that lens must mean something is stuck in my mind, something that is waiting to be removed.

If I could talk to you, I would tell you that I'm not mad, and that I wish you weren’t either.  I'm sorry about what happened.  I wouldn’t say, “These things happen.”  I'm not sure what I would say, but it wouldn’t be that.  No, it would have to be something much better, wouldn't it?